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100% Virtual, Watch From The Comfort of Your Home or Office Anytime! 

Unlike physical conferences where you can end up sitting through content you just don't need, Law Firm Summit is delivered entirely online. No need for travel and hotel expenses.  Plus, be able to view the amazing insights at any time during 2020.

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3 days
34 speakers
21 categories

The talks will cover everything from marketing to operations, from future speculation, legal technology, to how to exit your law firm business. 

- Why Every Lawyer Has a Personal Brand and Why You Need To Build One With Intention.

- How You Can Write a Best Selling Legal Book in 90 Days.

- How to Get FREE PR for Your Book (More opportunity now than ever with COVID-19).

- How to Become The Go-To Celebrity Expert in Your Legal Field.

- How to Leverage Google Ads to Drive More Leads and Traffic For Your Law Firm.

- How to Increase Your Law Firms Rankings in Google Maps.

- Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket! Learn How Leveraging Multiple Online Channels can Provide Protection for Your Law Firm.

- How You Can Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile (in 20 mins) and Siphon Loads of Free Traffic from LinkedIn.

- 15 Not Talked About Things You Need to Ask Before Hiring A Website Design Company.

- Legal Podcasting - Is Audio SEO the Next Frontier?

- How to Close New Clients Quickly While Remaining Professional and Courteous.

- What Legal & HR Compliance Things You Need to Know for Remote Teams.

- How To Become Your Own Banker, So You Don't Need Traditional Financing Through The Banks. 

- 101 of Google Analytics for Law Firms (But better than 'Analytics for Dummies' because it comes with 1-click dashboards that anyone can implement). 

- Why You Need a Mastermind or Business Advisory Council.

- How to Write E-Newsletters that Clients, Potential Clients, and Colleagues Actually Want to Read.

- How You Can Capture and Create World-class Client Testimonials with Ease (Even if you practice in a sensitive area of law). 

- How You Can Leverage Inexpensive Chatbots for Your Law Firm Website for User Experience.

- How You Can Use an Army of Virtual Assistants to Get Anything Done.

- How to Boost Your Law Firms Morale to Increase Your Employee's Engagement and Loyalty.

- How to Create a Start-up Culture for Your Law Firm.

- How You Can Get a Meeting With Anyone Through Contact Marketing.  

- 7 Quick Strategies to Boost Your Law Firm's Revenue Today (Works before, during, and after a crisis!).

- Everything You Need to Know in Order to Sell Your Law Firm.

- How to Prevent Lawyer Burnout.

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